"Primal Health Research" explores correlations between the 'primal period' (fetal life, perinatal period and year following birth) and health and personality traits in later life. In the book "Primal Health" (first edition 1986)1 we predicted a new generation of research confirming that our health is shaped during the primal period. In order to prepare for a renewed understanding of health and diseases, a simplified vocabulary was proposed (see glossary). Today the point is not to anticipate a phenomenon, but to observe its development and to draw preliminary conclusions. From 1993 onwards, our quarterly newsletter did just that. Since 1998 a computerised database is a necessity.

It is not possible to identify the studies that belong to this new framework through the usual scientific and medical networks, because they are unrelated according to the current classifications. For example it would take a long time - without appropriate keywords - to find out that a pregnancy disease such as pre-eclampsia has been studied in relation to health conditions as diverse as prostate cancer, breast cancer, schizophrenia, autism, mental retardation and cerebral palsy.


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